A Thankful Father

I’ve experienced the power of the Twelve Step based program.  One of my children became addicted to heroin and I had to watch helplessly as she was lost to us.  Not only was the addiction devastating to my child but also to our family.

I couldn’t believe this could happen to my child and was in denial: I enabled because I wanted to believe all the excuses that I was given.  When I realized the control the drug had on my child and the things she did to feed the addiction; I came to realize this was a disease that needed to be treated.

When my child called out for help we were able to find a Twelve Step based program of care that, I believe, saved her life.  The trained people who took her through the Twelve Steps and others who accompanied her through sober living helped her to find hope and the belief that she did have a sober life ahead of her.

Today she is back with the family, working, in school and sober for over 5 years.

Without the 12 step program I know she would not be with us today.

–A thankful father