Join us to help reduce addiction-related deaths in our community

Addiction, especially to opioid-based substances has become an epidemic, death rates are rising and it impacts a wide range of ages and socioeconomic levels of society.

165-1Getting people into treatment quickly can save lives. Law enforcement, Local and Federal Government agencies, social service organizations, medical professionals and others are looking to construct the most effective and enduring path out of addiction and the fastest way to get people on the road to treatment.

The Pelican Intervention Fund, a fund of Essex County Community Foundation, was established in 2015 by community members Kim and Steven Keene  because of this urgent need.

The Pelican Intervention Fund is dedicated to supporting men and women on their journey from addiction to recovery. The Pelican Intervention Fund seeks to offer hope for sustained recovery for adults.


“The status quo is not adequately addressing the problem of addiction. We must react to the demand for treatment.”
─ Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins