A Thankful Mom

Addiction is a family disease that causes pain, anxiety and a sense of helplessness and can tear families apart. In this time of darkness and isolation, sharing the wisdom of the Twelve Steps at AL ANON I found hope, peace and healing through a spiritual journey. Such recover is a process of transformation over time.

I watched my daughter also heal at the roots as she journeyed through treatment and long term residency in Sober Living. Here in a community of love, support and accountability she learned the necessary tools to change and lived the values inherent in the Twelve Steps.  In community, over time, she rediscovered hope, self-worth and purpose and began to heal.

This process of healing at ones roots take much time, work and support. Over time I have seen my daughter recover, reclaim her life and help her family heal. For these gifts I give thanks to God.

I believe the mission and work of The Pelican Intervention Fund can enable others to recover from addiction by funding extended Sober Living residency that fosters the transformation possible through learning and living the Twelve Steps in community over time.

The Twelve Steps are gift to all who suffer from the devastating and destructive consequence of addiction. Our family has experienced its healing power.